Me and Hotel Bars

Me and Hotel Bars

In the early days when I was younger I was already intrigued by hotels and especially their hotel bars.

I think I was 14 or 15 years old when I was already a regular visitor of Hotel Torarica in Paramaribo. With friends, alone, at the pool but also at the bar. In Suriname going out is something you do. You live outside because of the weather, so going to places meeting friends or dining out is a way of living and one of those places was and still is Hotel Torarica.

The last 10 years or something people in the Netherlands got to know the hotel bars, especially in the big cities. A lot of hotels are now known by locals who are going there for a drinks, having diner or even having their meetings there. In my opinion this is a good thing.

What I love about hotels and there bar is that it gives you an international feeling. You don’t know who you are going to or will meet and were they are from in the world. It gives something mysterious or is even sexy if you like.

The closest you are going get to having an international feeling without leaving the country next to the airport is even hotel and there bars.

I love hotel bars and one of my favorite is Freddy’s in Hotel De L’Europe.

Marlon Groenhart

IMG_1831 Freddy's Bar

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