Me and Getting sidetracked

Me and getting sidetracked.

This morning my day started with coffee. And people that know me, I don’t drink coffee. So it started at 10am with coffee and my dear friend Ad.

Ad is a friend that I know now for almost 10 years and through the years he helped me a lot with my ideas or with projects I am busy with. And today he did it again just by listening and talking. His advice was that I had to go back to the beginning.

For some of you that know or not, I am busy with my book. A book about me being a artist for more then 15 years. And being busy with this book I got sidetracked! I lost focus and was a bit disappointed, but now after this morning I am back on track.

Not this year, but spring 2016 I will present my book.

Thank you Ad.


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