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Me and Paris

Me and Paris.

I love Paris in the summer, I love Paris in the Fall, I love Paris in the winter and I LOVE Paris in the Spring.

In 1990 around Christmas was my first in counter with this great city.

I Think it was my first vacation and we went to almost every touristy thing in the city. My second time I was there it was to start my modeling career. Running around going from one casting/go sees to another. Getting in to an agency and this was all with out google maps or mobile phone. It was very old school with a map in my hand, paying phones, the metro and asking people where to go. And this without speaking any word of French. I still don’t speak french then only the usual Bonjour, merci and au revoir.
I do understand why people say that the French are rude, but I never had any problems. Except in the modeling world. But I believe a big smile and saying thank you can bring you a long way.

Almost the whole 90’s I went back and forward to Paris for my modeling work where I met nice people who some of them are still my friends. From the 00’s I went to Paris twice a year for a couple of days just for fun. Always to the same places during the day and at night dinner somewhere new. Touristy things I deed not do because I saw them already and sitting in a cafe or on a terrace looking at people is so much more fun.
And eating oysters and escargots is a must do for me.

Last month I have been back to Paris after not being there for 5 years. Seeing my dear friend Jean Louis and having a very small vacation together with Jeroen was good. Walking around and showing Jeroen some of the places I have been in all those years was nice, even after 25 years.

One thing I don’t see is that Paris is The City of Love?! It’s beautiful, I know. They have great food. Love the wine, but Paris is busy. You have a lot of people and there is a hardness upon the city. And something I always saw is a layer of dust. Maybe it’s just me.

Paris is still one my favorite city in the world and I love It every day of the year.

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