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Me and Getting sidetracked

Me and getting sidetracked.

This morning my day started with coffee. And people that know me, I don’t drink coffee. So it started at 10am with coffee and my dear friend Ad.

Ad is a friend that I know now for almost 10 years and through the years he helped me a lot with my ideas or with projects I am busy with. And today he did it again just by listening and talking. His advice was that I had to go back to the beginning.

For some of you that know or not, I am busy with my book. A book about me being a artist for more then 15 years. And being busy with this book I got sidetracked! I lost focus and was a bit disappointed, but now after this morning I am back on track.

Not this year, but spring 2016 I will present my book.

Thank you Ad.


Me and Paris

Me and Paris.

I love Paris in the summer, I love Paris in the Fall, I love Paris in the winter and I LOVE Paris in the Spring.

In 1990 around Christmas was my first in counter with this great city.

I Think it was my first vacation and we went to almost every touristy thing in the city. My second time I was there it was to start my modeling career. Running around going from one casting/go sees to another. Getting in to an agency and this was all with out google maps or mobile phone. It was very old school with a map in my hand, paying phones, the metro and asking people where to go. And this without speaking any word of French. I still don’t speak french then only the usual Bonjour, merci and au revoir.
I do understand why people say that the French are rude, but I never had any problems. Except in the modeling world. But I believe a big smile and saying thank you can bring you a long way.

Almost the whole 90’s I went back and forward to Paris for my modeling work where I met nice people who some of them are still my friends. From the 00’s I went to Paris twice a year for a couple of days just for fun. Always to the same places during the day and at night dinner somewhere new. Touristy things I deed not do because I saw them already and sitting in a cafe or on a terrace looking at people is so much more fun.
And eating oysters and escargots is a must do for me.

Last month I have been back to Paris after not being there for 5 years. Seeing my dear friend Jean Louis and having a very small vacation together with Jeroen was good. Walking around and showing Jeroen some of the places I have been in all those years was nice, even after 25 years.

One thing I don’t see is that Paris is The City of Love?! It’s beautiful, I know. They have great food. Love the wine, but Paris is busy. You have a lot of people and there is a hardness upon the city. And something I always saw is a layer of dust. Maybe it’s just me.

Paris is still one my favorite city in the world and I love It every day of the year.

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Me and Hotel Bars

Me and Hotel Bars

In the early days when I was younger I was already intrigued by hotels and especially their hotel bars.

I think I was 14 or 15 years old when I was already a regular visitor of Hotel Torarica in Paramaribo. With friends, alone, at the pool but also at the bar. In Suriname going out is something you do. You live outside because of the weather, so going to places meeting friends or dining out is a way of living and one of those places was and still is Hotel Torarica.

The last 10 years or something people in the Netherlands got to know the hotel bars, especially in the big cities. A lot of hotels are now known by locals who are going there for a drinks, having diner or even having their meetings there. In my opinion this is a good thing.

What I love about hotels and there bar is that it gives you an international feeling. You don’t know who you are going to or will meet and were they are from in the world. It gives something mysterious or is even sexy if you like.

The closest you are going get to having an international feeling without leaving the country next to the airport is even hotel and there bars.

I love hotel bars and one of my favorite is Freddy’s in Hotel De L’Europe.

Marlon Groenhart

IMG_1831 Freddy's Bar

The Storm

This is a day to stay home with a book, your DvD or Netflix.

Outside my window

Outside my window