I, Marlon Groenhart, was born on April 17, 1969 in Paramaribo, Surinam, and have lived in the Netherlands from 3 until 11 years old. At that time we returned to Paramaribo. I would be 18 before again moving to the Netherlands. Since 1998 I have made Amsterdam my home.

I would like to be an example of a man who makes a difference from where he stands. I discovered my creative strength in 1998, when I began to paint. My passion inspired 13 successful exhibitions. My highpoint was in October 2014 when I exhibited in a gallery in my beloved New York City.

My intention with these exhibits aims to bring people together by enjoying inspired food and beverages under the watchful gaze of my art. Of course the social aspect of my exhibits is important however amidst the music, consumption and art relations are strengthened, new contacts are created and / or cooperations are formed. That is my intention with these exhibits.

The formula for my exhibits, such as in the Oude Kerk in Amsterdam and the Ward Nasse Gallery in Soho New York, proved to be indeed successful and well attended!

Amsterdam - Oude Kerk

New York City

Gent, Belgie

Berlin, Germany

Vught, Nederland