Crisis at 'Happy Hour', fewer team building activities and no more company parties. These are but a few of the reorganization tid bits in a company's attempt to keep an eye on costs in these econcmic times.

I, Marlon Groenhart, am an Event Organizor and professional celbrator. I know better than anone the power of a social event. By way of my inexhaustable creativity, a broad, varied and willing network and a strong organizing talent I can turn 1 euro into 3! A small innovative twist can ensure that the event experience gives more impact without costing extra money.

Getting the maximun out of any budget and creating an impressionable event gives me the motivation to find fulfillment in my work.

For me the value of being the Organizor lies in effective negotiation, knowledge of the perfect venue and the story of the story of my client coalescing into an unique experience.

I hope to make you enthusiastic and to with the creation of an unforgettable experience for you and your employees or business relations! Feel free to contact me.



Ladies For Lunch

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